23% of Us Will Put Up Our Christmas Lights This Week

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Did you hang any Christmas lights over the weekend? According to this, a lot of us did . . .

4,000 people were asked when they usually do it, and when people SHOULD start decorating. This past weekend was a popular answer for both.

23% said they normally put them up in the first week of December. And most people agree it’s appropriate once December hits. Only 15% think it’s still too early for decorations.

Of those people, 4% think you should wait until next week . . . 8% said the week before Christmas . . . and 3% don’t think lights should go up until Christmas Day.

Only around 1% put them up in September, and 5% said October. The most popular month for it is November, with 44% of the vote. But a lot of those people said LATE November, or right after Thanksgiving.

4% said they leave at least some holiday decorations up year-round.

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Image by Chris Spencer-Payne from Pixabay

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