Wet Nose Wednesday

Fang 28539
Fang is a cute mix of what we think is probably Shar Pei, Lab, and Pit Bull Terrier. He has cute button ears, a wrinkly brow, and a huge smile. Fang is around 4 years old but still has the energy of a pup. He likes going for walks with his volunteer pals and playing with a few of his favorite dogs in playgroups. He is an energetic and rambunctious player, which may be a bit much for some dogs, but other dogs will find him a fun friend to have. All the volunteers and staff here think he is great, and we think you will, too!
Jack 29430
Jack is a 6-month-old brown tabby mix. He is probably one of the quietest kittens we have ever had and seldom makes a peep. He’ll probably prove us wrong and be quite chatty when he gets comfy in his forever home! Jack doesn’t seem to mind being held or carried. He actually seems pretty mellow and just kind of goes with the flow. Jack enjoys playing with his toys, meeting people, and birdwatching from the window. Jack is FIV+ and will need to be an only cat or be in a home with other FIV+ cats. Make your appointment to come meet this cutie pie today!
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