Loola 30072
Loola is a sweet, 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. She has a big, beautiful smile. Loola is always happy when the volunteers get her out to go for a walk or to spend time in playgroup. It is such fun to watch her run zoomies with the other dogs. She is lightning fast but doesn’t have much stamina so she has to take lots of little breaks to rest. While she is taking a break, she will do a little sniffing around or seek out someone to give her some loving. Loola would love to meet you, so make your appointment to come say hello today.
Loola Loola2
Patrick 29899
Patrick is an adorable little grey tabby. He’s about 7 months old and is still a playful and mischievous kitten. Patrick like to be petted and will sometimes let you hold him. Mostly, though, he wants to play. He can turn anything into a toy and doesn’t seem to mind playing with other cats. Patrick is mesmerized by things outside and his yellow/green eyes seem to glow with excitement when he sees something really interesting. Patrick is quite the cutie, so don’t miss out on adopting him today.
Patrick Patrick2
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