Wet Nose Wednesday

Jill 32115
Jill might just be the sweetest kitty ever. When you meet her, she immediately hops on your shoulder. She is so loving that she will rub her face into yours to show her affection. She loves being held and will even let you hold her like a baby. She probably enjoys interacting with people more than she enjoys playing with toys, exploring, or even napping! She seems to get along with other cats and may have fun with some feline friends at home. If you like cats that are affectionate, playful, and have a great purr, Jill is the right one for you.
Jill Jill3
Rachel 32614
Rachel is a 10-month- old shepherd mix and still has that puppy energy and spunk. She can be a very playful girl, both with people and other dogs. She loves going out to play group and running around with the other dogs. It always puts a big smile on her face. Rachel is usually nervous when meeting new people and may need a few minutes (and yummy treats) to get comfortable. Once she feels confident, she becomes the sweetest, most snuggly dog ever. She even likes to get in your lap and give you lots of doggy kisses. If you would like a canine companion who always makes you feel loved, Rachel may be perfect for you.
Rachel Rachel2
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