Here’s How Hot Your Steering Wheel Gets in Summer

Steering Wheel

Have you ever burned your hand on your steering wheel? A recent study looked at just how hot they can get in summer . . . Researchers tested six different cars parked in the sun on a 100-degree day.

And after an hour, the steering wheels averaged 127 degrees. To put that in perspective, 111 is when we start to feel pain . . . first-degree burns can happen at 118 . . . and second-degree burns are possible at 130.

Here are a few more spots in your car, and how hot they can get . . .

1. The air temperature inside the car . . .116 degrees after an hour in the sun.

2. The seats . . . 123.

3. The dashboard . . . 157.

(They didn’t test the metal flaps on seatbelts . . . but those can be like touching the surface of the sun.)

They also tested cars parked in the shade, and that definitely helped: Seats, 105 . . . steering wheel, 107 . . . and dashboard, 118. But the air temperature inside still hit 100, which can be deadly kids and pets.

(Reader’s Digest / ASU)

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

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