About to Dump Someone After Their Birthday? Here’s the Best . . . But Slightly Unethical . . . Gift to Give Them

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Ever been in this situation?

You’re pretty much DONE with a relationship, but the other person doesn’t know it and their birthday or Christmas is coming up. And so . . . you really don’t want to spend serious money on a gift considering what’s about to go down.

Someone on Reddit just came up with the perfect solution. Now granted, they posted it in the subreddit called Unethical Life Pro Tips, which means it’s borderline shady . . . but still. It’s a good call.

Their advice: Give the person a book of homemade coupons for things like a dinner at a fancy restaurant, a romantic weekend away, or a future concert.

That way the gift seems super generous and thoughtful . . . but when you break up, they won’t cash in any of those gifts and you won’t be out on your cash.

And hey, if you DO decide to stay in the relationship after all, they’ll never know the coupons were a “pre-dumping” gift and you can actually do all that stuff together like you promised.


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