Cats On A Leash?

Cat Leash

This Saturday is National Kitten Day, when we’re encouraged to donate, foster, or adopt.  So here’s a question:  Once you’ve got that cat, is it okay to take it out and walk it on a LEASH?

Anyone who does it will tell you to buy a harness, not just a collar.  And don’t force your cat to do it if they don’t want to.  Some cats aren’t into it.

But assuming they do like it, here’s the real question:  Is it socially ACCEPTABLE to walk your cat?

Someone asked over 10,000 Americans . . . and most people now say YES.  58% of us are fine with it.

That includes 26% who “somewhat approve” and 32% who “STRONGLY approve.”  Another 27% don’t have an opinion, or don’t care.  And only 15% said they don’t think it’s okay.

Men were slightly more likely to disapprove . . .17% of men and 13% of women.

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