Celebrating Small Victories

Girl Celebrates

Everyone loves so-called “small victories.” You know, stuff like discovering money on the ground outside . . . getting a great parking spot just as someone is leaving . . . and being able to leave work early.

In a new survey, nearly 70% of people said small “wins” like that are enough to motivate them for the rest of the day. 13% will even do “a little happy dance.” And a lot of people get so pumped that they’ll tell others ALL ABOUT it.

And somewhat surprisingly, roughly EIGHT in 10 people say they “love to listen to other people’s small successes.” Only 14% get a little jealous.

The survey also came up with a list of the top 50 small victories. Here are some . . . how many of them would you LOVE to hear other people talking about?

Getting into fresh bedding at the end of the day . . . getting a surprise pay raise . . . getting an extra hour in bed . . . when your favorite song comes on the radio . . . remembering to cancel a subscription before the free trial ends . . .

Getting a free cup of coffee from a coffee shop . . . dropping a glass without it breaking . . . successfully poaching an egg . . . getting likes on social media . . . and loading the dishwasher perfectly

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