Five Outdated Fashion Rules You Can Ignore Now

Chattanooga, TN:

German Stereotypes White Socks With Sandals

Have you been wearing white even though it’s after Labor Day? Here are a few more outdated fashion rules to ignore: Jeans with a jean jacket is cool now . . . your shoes, belt, and socks don’t all have to match . . . socks and sandals are more acceptable . . . and no one cares if you wear your hat indoors.

Here are five more outdated fashion rules you can ignore . . .

1. No denim-on-denim. Like a jean jacket with jeans on . . . a.k.a., the Canadian Tuxedo. Lots of people do it now, so it’s not as weird anymore.

2. Your shoes, belt, and socks all have to match. You might still want to avoid mixing blacks and browns. But colorful socks and belts are cool now too.

3. No socks with sandals. Enough people have embraced the “Sad Dad” no-style trend, which values comfort over fashion. So do what you want.

4. Mixing prints, like stripes and dots. Don’t fully ignore that one, because it’s hard to pull off. But more and more high-end designers have been mixing them.

5. No hats indoors. No one cares anymore except your grandparents. So unless you’re over at their house, don’t worry about it.


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