Five Reasons Guys Should Pee Sitting Down

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We’re a little shocked this article WASN’T written by a woman: A writer for the site thinks all guys should pee sitting down, at least most of the time. And he makes a fairly good argument for it.

It’s already the norm in some places like Japan, where 70% of guys sit.

Here are his five main arguments for why everyone else should get on board . . .

1. It’s cleaner. Even if you’re accurate, a 2013 study on the fluid dynamics of urination found there’s a lot more splash-back when you’re standing.

2. It solves the “left the seat up” argument. You’d never have to worry about putting the seat back down, and women wouldn’t have to worry about falling in.

3. Less noise. Some people get self-conscious about being heard. And it’s also impossible to hear someone talking outside the door when you pee standing up.

4. It leaves your options open. Like if it needs to become more than just a pee.

5. It’s not really that much slower. How much time are you really saving? And unless there’s a big line at a public bathroom, what’s the rush?


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