Five Rude Things You Might Be Doing in a Fitness Class


If you’ve been hittin’ the gym a little more since the beginning of the year, this might be for you. It’s five of the RUDEST things people do in group fitness classes . . .

1. Arriving late. It’s disruptive when you walk in after class has started. Aim to get there a few minutes early. And if you know you have to LEAVE early, at least try to get a spot by the door.

2. Saving spots for your late friends. Don’t put down towels or mats to hold space for someone who’s running late. It takes away prime spots from the people who arrive on time.

3. Hogging the water station. You don’t actually need to fill up your entire gallon-size jug while a long line forms behind you.

4. Keeping your phone on. If you have your phone with you, put it on SILENT. Even vibrate can be distracting if you’re in a quiet class, like at the end of yoga.

5. Monopolizing the instructor’s time. It’s cool to ask a question or two, but a group fitness class is NOT a personal training session.

(Huff Post)

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