Five Signs You’re an “Extreme Bathroom Planner”


Are you an “extreme bathroom planner”? It’s a term for people who need to use the restroom more often than the rest of us, and feel like they have to plan around it.

Someone polled 1,000 men over 45 who have prostate or urinary issues. So these stats don’t reflect the general public. But ANYONE can be an “extreme bathroom planner.” And if you are one, let your doctor know. Here are five signs your bathroom planning is extreme . . .

1. Do you ever avoid activities you enjoy, because you’re worried you’ll need to pee? 45% of men with prostate issues said yes.

2. When you go on road trips, do you plan your route to make sure you’ll have access to a bathroom? Over 40% said yes.

3. When you walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to, do you immediately check for where the bathroom is? 1 in 5 said it’s the first thing they do.

4. Before you buy tickets to an event, do you check how close they are to a bathroom? 43% have done it.

5. Do you ever limit the amount you drink during the day? Over 60% of men with prostate issues said yes.

(PR Newswire)

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