Five Tips for Celebrating Easter on a Budget

Easter 1

Easter is on Sunday. Here are five tips for celebrating when money’s tight . . .

1. Buy candy and food in bulk . . . or hit the discount stores.​ If you’ve got a big family, hit the warehouse stores like BJ’s and Costco to buy candy and food in bulk. Also, dollar stores have affordable Easter decorations and candy.

2. ​Don’t go overboard. The average person is expected to spend $170 on Easter this year. It’s easy to go overboard and end up with too much food that ends up being tossed. ​

3. Think outside the basket. You don’t HAVE to go with the typical Easter basket packed with tons of candy. A box of chocolates or a gift card would be just as appreciated.

4. Host a potluck​. Easter brunch, lunch, and dinner are going to be more expensive this year with inflation at a 40-year high. To save on the meal, make it a potluck.

5. Reuse something in your closet. Buying a new Easter outfit can be expensive, so give your closet another look before shelling out for new clothes for yourself or your kids.​

(AARP / National Retail Federation)

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