Five Ways to Support Teachers This School Year

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1. Donate school supplies. The average teacher will drop $745 of their own money on classroom supplies this year. If you don’t know what they need, ask.

2. Volunteer to help out. That doesn’t always mean helping in the classroom. They might need help assembling packets, or with things like field trips.

3. Attend school board meetings, and support policies that serve teachers’ interests. School boards won’t always stick up for them on their own.

4. Recognize teachers who go above and beyond. Nominate them for things like the Staples “Thank a Teacher” contest when it opens back up. That one comes with a $5,000 prize for each winning teacher’s classroom.

5. Play an active role in your child’s learning. Meaning help them with homework . . . make sure they COMPLETE their homework . . . and don’t expect their teacher to do it all.

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