Four Random Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

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At this point, we all know we’re not supposed to flush wet wipes down the toilet. But there are lots of other things that aren’t good for our plumbing, the pipes, or ultimately the oceans either.

Here are four random things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet . . .

1. Food. Sure, your . . . um . . . toilet deposits contain former food. But it’s digested and soft. Uneaten food can be too big for pipes to handle and lead to blockages.

2. Hair. What happens if you . . . or your cats . . . swallow a bunch of hair? It can form a hairball in your throat. Pipes are kinda like your throat. Flush enough hair and it can form a hairball that blocks things.

3. Chewed gum. Gum never breaks down. So it can clog your pipes . . . and when it makes it back to the waterways, it eventually decomposes into microplastics. And those are a huge problem for the fish and the planet.

4. Medicine. The FDA has a list of some drugs that are safe to flush . . . but it’s easier just to get rid of old medicine the right way. That means: A disposal location, like at a pharmacy or hospital.


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