Four Signs You’re Arguing with a Bot Online


We all know we shouldn’t get into fights with strangers in the comments section of a social media post. We KNOW it. But sometimes, you can’t resist.

And you know what’s worse than wasting your time arguing with a stranger online? Arguing with a ROBOT. Here are four signs you might be arguing with a chatbot, according to an AI expert. So learn these and save SO much energy.

1. They use clunky phrases. Bots have gotten good . . . but they aren’t perfect. And English is a complicated language. So watch out for weird sentences that don’t make any sense or that substitute in strange words.

2. Look for repetition. A bot usually has one purpose, whether it’s to convince you Russia is great or maybe even occasionally something else. So if the other person keeps repeating the same things, sometimes word-for-word, it’s probably a bot.

3. They respond really fast. People usually have to think about what they want to say, then take the time to type it . . . especially in an argument where they want to make clear points. Bots will respond much faster than a person would.

4. They fall for a non-sequitur trap. If you think you might be talking to a bot, try dropping a non-sequitur like, “How’s the family?” or “I’m depressed.” A bot will just try to get back on topic, or give a generic message like “Sorry, I don’t understand.”


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