Four Tips for Delayed and Canceled Flights


Here’s some good advice for the next time your flight gets delayed or canceled . . .

An airline employee on TikTok posted four tips that can make it less of a headache, or at least get you some answers . . .

1. Download the airline’s app, and allow notifications. She says that’s where they post updates first. You’ll probably get them before the employees do.

2. Check the website It shows you where all the planes are in real time. So even before there’s an official update, you might be able to tell if your plane is REALLY going to be there when it’s supposed to.

3. If you do get delayed, google your airline’s “Bill of Rights.” They’ll tell you exactly what you’re entitled to, like hotel rooms or flight vouchers.

4. If you need to call customer service, call the company you booked through. If you bought your tickets through Expedia, don’t sit on hold with JetBlue for an hour. They probably won’t be able to help you.


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