Four Tips to Boost Your A/C Performance in a Heat Wave

Dan Lefebvre Mawe Fqgdxc Unsplash

Since a good chunk of the country is experiencing sweltering temperatures, here are four tips to boost your air conditioner’s performance in a heat wave (if you’re lucky enough to even HAVE A/C) . . .

1. Don’t mess with the thermostat. Set it at the temp you want and leave it alone. Setting it lower to try to cool things down faster is inefficient.

2. Clean the filters and coils. Dirty filters impede air flow, and dusty coils make it harder for the unit to cool your house. Basic maintenance goes a long way.

3. Turn off heat-producing appliances. During the hottest part of the day, turn off anything that produces heat, like stoves, dishwashers, and lights.

4. Run a ceiling fan. Having the breeze blowing on you will help cool you down faster.

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

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