Have Your Political Views Ever Changed? Most People Say Yes


It seems like no one budges on politics anymore, but a new poll found maybe you CAN still change someone’s mind. 78% of us say our opinions have evolved on at least one issue before.

Here are 11 topics, starting with the ones the most people have change their mind about . . .

1. Foreign policy. 42% said their opinion has changed over the years.

2. Drugs, 40%.

3. Healthcare, 35%.

4. The death penalty, 33%.

5. Immigration, 31%.

6. Same-sex marriage. 29% said their opinion on it has changed.

7. Gun control, also 29%.

8. Racial discrimination, 27%.

9. Abortion, 27%.

10. Climate change, 27%.

11. Free speech. Only 17% said their views on it have changed.


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