Here’s How to Stay Out of the Hospital This Labor Day Weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend!  But with Covid cases surging in many parts of the country, and hospitals being low on space, if you get HURT, there might not be room for you.  So here are five tips on how to stay out of the hospital this holiday weekend . . .

1.  Wear a seatbelt.  Labor Day is the second-deadliest holiday weekend when it comes to car accident fatalities, only behind Memorial Day.  And wearing a seatbelt greatly improves your chances of walking away from a car accident alive.

2.  Wear a helmet.  Millions of kids are treated for head injuries sustained while biking, roller blading, skateboarding, riding ATVs, and doing other sports activities each year.

3.  Be careful around water.  That means not getting too drunk . . . having kids wear life jackets . . . being trained in CPR . . . having a phone nearby to call for help if needed . . . and never getting distracted if it’s your turn to supervise the kids.

4.  Be prepared.  If you’re going camping or even just on a short hike, be prepared for any conditions you may encounter.  And always bring enough water.

5.  Be COVID-19 safe.  The CDC is recommending that anyone who isn’t fully vaccinated stay home for Labor Day weekend.  And even if you ARE vaccinated, it’s a good idea to continue social distancing and wearing a face mask in public.

(Intermountain Healthcare / KSTU Fox 13 / Value Penguin)

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