Here’s Why Using Diet Coke as a Mixer Gets You Inebriated Faster Than Regular Coke

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Not to ruin your Dry January or anything . . . but it’s time for some drinking advice. Advice that will help you get drunk faster or slower . . . you know, depending on your goals for the night.



Did you know you get drunk faster if you use Diet Coke as a mixer than regular Coke?



Here’s why. According to a doctor from the U.K., it’s all about the sugar versus artificial sweetener.



The sugar in regular Coke makes it so your stomach empties slower into the small intestine . . . which slows down the alcohol as it goes into your bloodstream. Diet Coke’s artificial sweetener doesn’t slow things down the same way.



It’s also why you get drunk faster on an empty stomach . . . there’s nothing stopping the alcohol from going straight to your blood. (Daily Mirror)

Image by Inga from Pixabay

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