How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

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You probably rely on Amazon reviews, at least a little bit, when you’re buying things. But according to one study, at least 42% of Amazon reviews are FAKE. So how do you spot those . . . and know which reviews you can actually trust?

Here are red flags that a product probably has a lot of fake reviews:

Almost all five-star reviews, with maybe an occasional four-star mixed in. And anything negative is tiny and not a deal breaker.

A lack of details, vague praise, and generic review titles.

Mentioning how it’s better than competing products.

Similar wording to other reviews.

Lots of reviews occurring on specific dates, with long gaps between those dates.

The “Customers also bought” section is full of unrelated products . . . that’s a sign of paid reviewers just buying random stuff they’re told to.


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