It Might Be Healthier to Eat Foods in This Specific Order


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This sounds weird, but there’s some real science behind it: You don’t want your blood sugar to spike too much or too often, especially if you have type-2 diabetes.



But a 2015 study found one thing that helps is eating your foods in a specific order. 



The most important part is eating starchy or sugary stuff LAST.



Eating that stuff last makes your body digest the sugar more gradually, so it doesn’t get into your bloodstream right away. The study found it can reduce blood sugar spikes by 75%.



Here’s the order you’re supposed to go in: Vegetables and other high-fiber foods first . . . fats and proteins are next . . . and finish with simple carbohydrates, or anything with lots of sugar in it.



Some TikToker recently tested it out, and it worked. 



He ate the exact same meal two days in a row: Broccoli, avocado, tuna, and rice. That’s the correct order you should eat them in. When he did it the opposite way, his blood sugar spiked twice as much. (NY Post) 


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