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This Friday Sept. 10th, wear the color orange to remember those who experience hunger, and may not know where their next meal is coming from. Wear orange this Friday 9/10

This Friday night Sept. 10th will be the FINAL Nightfall concert of the Summer. “Stereo Feet” will open at 7pm on Friday night in Miller Plaza, and the headliner at 8 will be “Susu”… The shows are free, in downtown Chattanooga. Just look for the crowd!

This Saturday Sept. 11th: Mission Bar-B-Q on Gunbarrel Road will honor ALL fire, police, and first responders, with a free sandwich. Any time this Saturday; / Also this Saturday the 11th, Chattanooga will honor all 343 New York Firefighters who died on 9/11. The ceremony will begin at 10am Saturday at Ross’ Landing, and everyone is invited; / PLUS: take part in the “Sept. 11th Stair Climb” at Dade County Middle School; you’ll climb stairs with the Trenton/Dade County Fire & Rescue as they re-enact what New York Firefighters went through 20 years ago. It’s free this Saturday and starts at 6am at Dade County Middle School.

Do you know you eat more when your kitchen is messy? A study at Cornell University found that our stress level goes up when we see how messy our kitchen is, and we tend to eat more when we are stressed. (So clean up that kitchen!!)

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