New Life Hack: Spring-Style Doorstops Have Another Use


Here’s another useful life hack. Or is it just dumb?

Someone posted a video that shows a secondary use for those spring-style doorstops a lot of homes have.

I’m talking about the ones down by the floor that prevent the door from hitting the wall. They look like a peg, but they’re springy.

Some woman realized you can also use them to keep the door OPEN.

If a door keeps drifting shut, just open it the whole way, and tuck that spring under the bottom of the door.

It should hook onto it enough to keep the door open. Or depending on where it’s mounted, you can do the same thing by pinning it around the side of the door.

They weren’t designed to do it, but it works. The woman’s video already has over 1.5 million views. (Here’s the video.)


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