New Spring-Cleaning Hack: Hide Stuff from Yourself


Here’s a new spring-cleaning idea if you have a hard time getting rid of stuff. But is it brilliant or dumb?

Someone came up with a hack that’s supposed to help you let go of stuff. If you’re not sure you want something, keep it . . . but HIDE it from yourself. (???)

A writer in the U.K. just did a big article on it, and said she used to make three piles . . . keep, toss, and donate. But she added a “hide” pile to that. Here’s why . . .

It’s hard to get rid of stuff you spent money on, because it seems like a waste. And you’re always worried you might need it someday. It’s called the “sunk cost fallacy.”

So if you can’t get rid of something, just hide it somewhere . . . and see if you miss it.

Chances are you won’t. And the next time you declutter, you’ll have an easier time giving it to Goodwill.

She says it’s worked for her, especially with clothing she never wears. And she thinks it’ll work for other people too.


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