Non-Alcoholic Fake Cocktails Now Cost as Much as Actual Liquor . . . So Who’s Buying Them?


We’re not even two weeks into “Dry January” yet, and if you really miss getting down at the end of the night . . . or secretly in the morning . . . with a cocktail, maybe this is right for you. Maybe.

Non-alcoholic cocktails have always been around: Virgin daquiris, Shirley Temples, all that stuff. But there’s a new wave of non-alcoholic cocktails you can get shipped to you that are different . . . because they cost the same amount as actual alcohol.

There’s a brand called Ritual Zero Proof that sells fake rum, whiskey, tequila, and gin . . . for $29-a-bottle. Kin Euphorics calls their fake cocktails, quote, “a functional beverage for modern rituals” . . . and an eight-pack of eight-ounce cans is $30.

Those are just two of the brands out there, but there are a LOT more. There’s even an entire online store for fake alcoholic drinks called Better Rhodes. And last year during Dry January, their sales went up 44%.

So why real-alcohol money on not-real-alcohol? Some of the top reasons people give are: They want the taste of good cocktails but not the hangover . . . they want something to drink at parties . . . or they want to drink without the calories.

Do you need to buy expensive fake alcohol for that? No, but I guess it’s a nice flex if you do.


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