Six Nights of Bad Sleep is Soul Crushing


Most of us stay up too late sometimes, or get a bad night’s sleep.  But how many days in a row does it take before you go NUTS?  Researchers at the University of South Florida looked into it, and found things go downhill pretty fast.

2,000 people tracked their sleep for over a week.  And even just one night of poor sleep had a huge effect on their mental and physical wellbeing.  “Poor sleep” meaning less than six hours a night.

Things got worse if they didn’t sleep well for two nights in a row . . . and EVEN worse after three nights.  But then it leveled off for a few days.

After night three, our bodies start to adapt to less sleep.  So getting four or five nights of bad sleep in a row doesn’t make us feel that much worse than three.  But then things change again.

People really hit a wall after SIX nights of poor sleep in a row.  That’s when they said they felt their worst physically.

In other words, some us can deal with three, four, or even five restless nights.  But that’s the limit.

And even after one bad night of sleep, people were more likely to feel lonely, angry, nervous, frustrated, and irritable.


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