Strange Myths People Still Believe

Did you know that adding salt to a pot of water does NOT make it boil faster?  It actually raises the water’s boiling point.  Here are five myths people still believe .

Myth #1:  Goldfish have a three-second memory.  Studies have shown they can actually remember things for months.

Myth #2:  A penny dropped from the Empire State building could kill you.  It might hurt, but it’s too light and doesn’t have enough mass to kill someone.

Myth #3:  The color red sends bulls into a rage.  Bulls can’t even see red.  The capes matadors use are traditionally red just to hide the bloodstains.

Myth #4:  You should pee on a jellyfish sting.  It can actually make your sting WORSE.  Vinegar or rubbing alcohol might help though.

Myth #5:  You’ll get cramps if you go swimming less than 30 minutes after you eat.  The Mayo Clinic says there’s no science behind that one.  But it didn’t come from nowhere.

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