The Average American Does Eight Good Deeds a Month

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How often do you successfully perform your “good deed of the day”? According to a new poll, we only get around to it about 26% of the time.

The average American does an average of EIGHT good deeds a month. That sounds low . . . so if it makes you feel better, that would be 94 per year. (And only adults were included in the poll, so there are some Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts out there picking up the slack.)

And the definition of a “good deed” is generous . . . it can be anything from a momentary gesture, to a significant contribution of time and money.

In the poll, Americans were asked what good deeds they do regularly . . . and the most popular responses were:

Being kind to strangers . . . recycling . . . picking up litter in their neighborhood . . . donating money to charity . . . giving money to the homeless . . . donating clothing to charity . . . volunteering . . . donating food to a food bank or shelter . . . “paying it forward” at a shop . . . and donating blood.


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