The “Rule of Threes” Is the Best Way to Remember What to Prioritize in a Survival Situation

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I hope you’re never in a life-or-death survival situation. But if you are . . . you can think back to this moment and how I saved your life. So in a way, I’m the real hero of your story.

When you’re in a crisis, it’s VERY easy to panic. There’s so much to consider. So you need to prioritize the right things so you can survive and make it out of there.

That’s when you should use something called the RULE OF THREES.

Basically, it breaks down different life-threatening situations into threes so you know what to focus on first.

Check it out . . .

1. You can only survive around three minutes without air or if you have massive bleeding. So focus on those first.

2. You can live around three hours without shelter in a cold, wet, and windy setting.

3. You can live around three days without water.

4. You can live around three weeks without food.

So after you’ve taken care of THOSE priorities, you can focus on things like burning a big fire to try to get someone’s attention.

Or if you have a phone, texting over and over rather than calling, since texting takes less of a signal. (Outdoor Life)

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