The Ten Cars Most Likely to Make it to 250,000 Miles

Chevrolet Pickup Truck Drives Past The General Motors Assembly Plant In Arlington, Texas
A Chevrolet pickup truck drives past the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington, Texas June 9, 2015. General Motors Co is raising the stakes on its bet that sales of fuel-thirsty sport utility vehicles will keep driving its global profits as Chinese and other markets sag. GM said on July 14, 2015 that it plans to spend $1.4 billion to modernize the factory in Arlington, Texas, that builds the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon sport utility vehicles. It's the largest single investment in a $5.4 billion, three-year plant upgrade program announced earlier this year. Picture taken June 9, 2015. To match Insight GM-SUVS/ REUTERS/Mike Stone

If you’re looking for a new car and hope to be driving it for the next several DECADES, this list is for you . . .

A new study looked at the makes and models most likely to get you to 250,000 miles. And if you want your next ride to be on the road that long, your best bet’s probably a TRUCK or SUV.

Eight of the top ten are trucks and SUVs, including the Toyota Sequoia at #1. The only two cars on the list are also Toyotas . . . Toyota Prius, and Toyota Avalon.

Before all you Toyota owners get too excited, your chances of hitting 250,000 miles in ANY car aren’t great. Even in the top 10, only about 1% last that long.

Here are the ten cars, trucks, and SUVS most likely to last a quarter-of-a-million miles, according to the study . . .

1. Toyota Sequoia. 1% of them make it at least 297,000 miles.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser, 280,000.

3. Chevy Suburban, 266,000 miles.

4. Toyota Tundra, 256,000.

5. GMC Yukon XL, 252,000.

6. Toyota Prius. 1% of them hit 250,000 miles.

7. Chevy Tahoe, 250,000.

8. Honda Ridgeline, 249,000.

9. Toyota Avalon, 246,000.

10. Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 245,000 miles.


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