The Top Four Fall Driving Hazards

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No matter how good of a driver you THINK you are, you’ve gotta be a little more careful this time of year. Most of us are in winter, especially when there’s snow or ice. But fall roads can be dangerous too.

Here are the top four fall driving hazards to be aware of . . .

1. Rain and wet leaves. Rain obviously makes everything slicker and harder to see, so slow down. And wet leaves on the road can be just as slippery as ice. So be especially careful around turns when you see lots of leaves on the road.

2. Deer. They’re most active between October and January, especially around dusk and dawn. So again, slow down and keep an eye out.

3. Earlier sunsets. The days are getting shorter, so you’ll be driving in the dark more often. A lot of accidents happen at night, for obvious reasons.

4. School kids. Be more careful in the morning before school starts, and in the afternoon when they’re heading home. Also, be more aware around crosswalks, and look out for kids on bikes. And when a school bus stops in front of you, DON’T zip around and try to pass it.

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