The Top Things That Would Make You Change Hotels Immediately

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Have you ever checked into a hotel, and your room was so gross that you immediately checked out?  We’re even more demanding now because of covid.  Half of people say they’ve put off travelling due to cleanliness concerns.

Here are the top ten things that would make someone walk out of a hotel, according to the poll . . .

1.  Dirty sheets.

2.  A disgusting bathroom.

3.  Smelly room.

4.  Bad smells in general.  So important, it needed two spots in the top ten.

5.  Rude staff.

6.  Horrible food.  Couldn’t you just order delivery though?

7.  Stained carpets.

8.  Loud noises.

9.  The lobby is gross.

10.  No visible cleaning or housekeeping crew present.


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