This Week in Science: Acne, Body Odor, and Pukey Dinosaurs


It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain you may have missed. Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science . . .

1. There was a big breakthrough in nuclear fusion. That’s where you create clean energy by mashing atoms together instead of splitting them. A team in the U.K. doubled the record for “sustained fusion,” and in five seconds generated enough energy to run your home for a full day.

2. A study in China found dinosaurs may have swallowed animals whole, and then spit out their bones. It’s something certain birds like owls still do.

3. Researchers in England think a cure for acne could be on the horizon. They identified 29 new genetic variants that make some of us get more pimples than others.

4. A team at the University of Tokyo used chemicals found in wine and chocolate to create a new fabric that neutralizes B.O. They say it might lead to new clothes that you could wear multiple times without washing.

5. A study found chimpanzees give each other first aid. Researchers in Germany saw a chimp catch an insect, then crush it up and spread it onto a cut on another chimp’s foot, possibly to relieve pain. Then over the next 15 months, they found 76 more examples of the same group of chimps doing it with other wounds.

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