Three Hacks for Defrosting Your Car Faster

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Three different hacks for defrosting your windshield faster have been going viral . . . two you might want to try, and one you probably shouldn’t. Here they are . . .



The one you SHOULDN’T try involves pouring boiling water into a plastic bag. (???) You mix boiling water with cold water, so it’s not TOO hot. Then put it in a plastic bag, and drag the bag across the outside of your windshield to melt the ice.



It works, but there’s an obvious burn risk. And even if you do it right, it can cause tiny cracks in your windshield. So the next time it freezes, it might SHATTER.



Luckily, these next two hacks are a lot safer and easier . . .



1. Park your car so it’s facing east. It gives you the most sun exposure as early as possible. So the ice should melt a little, or at least be easier to scrape off.



2. Try the sun visor hack. When you warm up your car and crank the defrost, pull both sun visors down. It traps the warm air down near your windshield and should make the ice melt faster. 



(Mirror / TikTok)
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

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