Three Obscure But Fantastic Side Hustles for Your Kids . . . Or You . . . to Make Extra Money This Summer

Money Money

Summer jobs have CHANGED. Like everything else, they’ve moved indoors . . . and in front of screens. But since that’s the reality . . . might as well embrace it and capitalize on it.

Here are three obscure but fantastic online side hustles your kids . . . or you . . . can use to make some extra cash this summer.

1. Create a newsletter. If you have some valuable insight people would be willing to pay for . . . whether it’s about jobs, crypto, fitness, or something else . . . you can start a newsletter with Substack and easily sell subscriptions.

2. Sell your beats. Ready to become a hip-hop producer? You can now sell beats online . . . in fact, there’s a thriving, multimillion-dollar industry of people creating beats on their computer and selling them over email or through beat marketplaces.

3. Transcribing audio. There are lots of services out there that will pay you to listen to audio recordings and transcribe them. If you’re a fast, accurate typist, you may be able to hit $15 to $20 per hour with these services. GMR Transcription gets good reviews.

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