Wait, Don’t Answer That Door!

Grumpy Bear

This is why it’s always good to check the doorbell camera before answering the door.

A homeowner in Colorado shared video he captured of a bear walking right up to his front door in the middle of the night. The bear gets so close to the door that its breath briefly fogs up the doorbell camera.

Todd Mitchem spoke with Fox News about the video, saying that he recognized the bear. He says that there are two or three bears near his home in Evergreen (that he knows of), and this particular one comes by about once a week.

While the video has been getting some strong reactions from people who did live in bear country, Mitchem explained that this is just something he’s gotten used to.”Everyone here is used to coexisting with nature,” he said. “You learn to stay out of the way. It’s nothing abnormal.”

While he is used to the bears, Mitchem explained that he does take precautions.

“It would be shocking if I opened the door at three in the morning to take the dogs out and the bear was there,” he said. “Once the sun goes down, things get interesting.”

Mitchem said that he checks the cameras at night and not just for bears. There are mountain lions to watch out for. Even elk can cause issues during the right time of year.

During the pandemic, Mitchem says that he’s seen a lot of people move away from the cities to be closer to nature. While he loves the area, he did say that it can be a shock to newcomers.

Source: Fox News


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