We Are Less Patient Than We Used to Be


If you hit the drive-thru for breakfast today, how long can you sit there and wait before you get annoyed, or even ANGRY about it?

A new study found we’re not as patient as we used to be . . . and most of us can only last five minutes now before we get annoyed.

64% say it’s unacceptable to wait more than five minutes to order. And once we do, it should take a max of five more minutes to get our food. So if the whole thing takes more than ten minutes, we’re fuming.

Around one in five people expect it to happen even faster than that. 19% said once they order, it shouldn’t take more than TWO minutes to get their food.

We’re willing to wait a little longer when we go to an actual sit-down restaurant. But we still expect that to happen pretty fast.

71% would be annoyed if they had to wait 10 minutes for their server to take their order. And once the order’s in, just over half expect their food to arrive within 10 minutes. In other words, we expect to be eating within 20 minutes of sitting down.

To quicken things up, 18% said they’d rather just order from their phone, and not talk to a server until their food arrives.

(PR Newswire)

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