Wet Nose Wednesday


Annie 33085
Annie is a sweet senior who needs a forever home. At 15 years old, she is the oldest animal in our shelter’s care. You would think that a cat of such an age would be crabby, but that is not the case with Annie. While she may be reserved and take a bit to make friends with new people, she is very sweet once she is comfortable. She does reserve the right to demand affection and chin scratches when she feels the urge while reprimanding you for touching her when she isn’t in the mood. Annie would prefer to be the only pet in a nice, quiet home where she can have all the love and her naps won’t be interrupted. Annie is currently in a foster home, so call to schedule your appointment to meet her.


Dapper 32646
Dapper is a sleek, beautiful, and intelligent 2-year-old pooch who will be the perfect companion and steadfast friend to anyone willing to give him a chance. During his time in the shelter, he has developed impeccable leash manners walking on a transitional leash and has made several doggy playgroup pals, though he still seems to prefer focusing most of his attention on his human friends. He is adored not only for his intelligence, but for his delightful smushy face and puppy-eyes. Although Dapper likes to play and exercise, he is at his happiest when he can be comfy and relaxing at your side. He can’t wait to find the perfect forever home where he can continue to learn and grow!


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