Wet Nose Wednesday

Kloe 27172
Kloe is one big, fun pup. She’s only 10 months old but weighs 60 pounds. Kloe has lots of energy and can be a bit rowdy at times, it’s nothing a little maturity and basic obedience training can’t fix right up! She’s basically just a 60-pound bundle of play and love. She would probably be a great companion for someone who likes to get out for some activity and exercise and then go home to snuggle on the couch. She seems to get along well with other playful dogs and might enjoy a canine sibling in her forever home.
Meadow 27405
Meadow is an adorable 4-month-old brown tabby kitten. He’s wants to be your friend but he’s kind of shy and unsure about it at the same time. He does like to be gently petted and nuzzled, but he is not a big fan of being picked up and held. With a little love and patience, though, he can become a confident cuddlebug. He is inquisitive and playful. If you would like to meet sweet Meadow, call and set up your appointment today.
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