Wet Nose Wednesday

Gus 26382
SUPER SWEET SENIOR ALERT! Gus is a laid-back 9-year-old pit mix. He’s loving, calm and ALWAYS happy! Gus enjoys naps, walks, meeting new dogs and people and following his human around the house. He does great with other dogs, adults and children. He’s notorious for making babies giggle. What makes Gus even more super special is the fact that he is blind! He doesn’t let that slow him down, though. Gus will do great in a cat free patient and loving home with or without other dogs.
Baby Kitty 26663
Adorable? Check! Sweet? Check! Incredibly photogenic? Check! And available for adoption? Totally! If you’re looking for a new family pet, Baby Kitty checks all the boxes! She is just about a year old and is looking for her forever home. Right now she is hanging out with the other adoptable cats at the Naughty Cat Cafe in St. Elmo, which means she’ll probably fit right in if you have other cats at home. Give the cafe a call at 423.541.4316 to make your appointment to meet her.
Baby KittyBaby Kitty2
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