Wet Nose Wednesday

Ozwald 24086
Ozwald is a truly adorable guy with his shaggy hairdo and his winsome smile. Ozwald is about four years old and is larger than he looks in the photo. He actually weighs about 80 pounds. Ozwald can sometimes take a little while to warm up to new people but is quite loyal and devoted to his “pack.” He’s a very smart boy and has been working on his leash walking and basic obedience cues here at the shelter. If you adopt Ozwald, you will receive two complimentary training sessions with one of our training partners so that Ozwald can continue learning and be the best dog he can be.
Buddy 27637
Buddy claims he’s a two-year-old Russian Blue, so that’s what we’re going with here. He definitely has enough purrsonality to stretch between here and Moscow. Buddy is a very friendly guy, loves head scratches, loves to watch you whatever you are doing, and is always looking for a chance to get out of his kennel to explore. If you want a buddy to hang out with, he’s the guy for you. He doesn’t even mind being picked up and given lots of snuggles. Buddy is FIV+ but can still live a long, healthy life. He just needs to only have other FIV+ cat friends or be your only kitty companion.
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