Wet Nose Wednesday

Waffles 2
Kitty Frey 19113
Kitty Frey is looking for that special someone. She’s really not a cat for just anyone. She’s the kind of kitty for someone who enjoys having a cat with a spicy personality. Kitty Frey does like some love and attention, but it has to be on her own terms. Sometimes she prefers to be left on her own to contemplate her plans for world domination. At other times, she likes to hone her combat skills and ninja-like moves by swatting at you or giving you some love nibbles. If you would like to meet Kitty Frey and support her on her mission to take over the world, call us today to set up your appointment.
Kitty Frey Kitty Freya
Waffles 25639
Waffles is an energetic, fun-loving, and playful girl. She is the kind of dog who loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. She’s a bit silly, with a big goofy grin that will make you want to smile with her. Some of her favorite things to do are run zoomies in the play yard and hop in the puppy pool to cool her paws. Waffles is a very smart girl and is currently working on her leash-walking and obedience skills. She’ll need someone who will continue working with her and teaching her so she can be her best self, but she’s totally worth the effort. Adopt her and she’ll love you forever!
Waffles 2 Waffles
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