Wet Nose Wednesday

Marvin 28757
Marvin is a 4-year-old orange tabby. He looks a little sad in his kennel. He is hand-shy when you first reach towards him, but he really enjoys being petted once he realizes you want to be his friend. He will nuzzle your hand and rub up against you for attention. Marvin is loving, but he is not the kind of cat who wants to be picked up and held. He has a sonorous purr that most cat lovers will find quite soothing. Marvin would love to have a forever home soon, so come adopt him today.
Marvin Marvin3
Zeus 27414
This handsome guy with the big, goofy grin is Zeus. He’s just over a year old and would love to go home with you. Zeus is energetic and playful but also sweet and snuggly. Some of his favorite things are going for walks with his volunteer friends, playing with toys, and having some rowdy fun out in playgroups with his canine pals. Zeus is deaf, so staff and volunteers have been working to teach him hand signal commands. Zeus will need an owner who is patient and understanding of him and willing to continue his training. If you think Zeus sounds like a good fit for you, call and set up an appointment to meet him.
Zeus Zeus2
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