Wet Nose Wednesday


Velcro 28137

Velcro is a special pup and needs a very patient adopter. Velcro is only 8 months old, but he is a very shy guy. Once he knows and trusts you, he is very sweet and loving, but it can take him quite a while to get comfortable with new people. Velcro is the kind of guy who likes to stay at home where he feels safe. He gets stressed out when visitors come to the house, so he would do best in a quiet home with an owner who is a homebody like he is. Velcro seems to like being around other calm and gentle dogs. If you are someone who is happiest at home, enjoying your hobbies or watching Netflix, Velcro might be just the companion you are looking for.



Rita 26299

Meet Rita, the tortoiseshell with gorgeous golden eyes. She’s a petite girl with a big personality. When you go in to see her, she will gracefully come over to greet you. She enjoys being petted and will nuzzle you for more attention. She doesn’t mind being in the room with the other cats, but if any try to get in the way of her getting affection, she will give them a little swat with her paw. Then she goes back to being her loving, adorable self. Rita is about four years old and is ready for a forever home. Make your appointment to come meet her today.


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