Wet Nose Wednesday

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Anna 29497
Anna is one of our special senior cats. She is a little over 12 years old. Anna looks a little bit grumpy in her photos, and that is actually kind of an accurate description of her! She does enjoy some affection, but she’s quick to let you know when her daily petting quota has been met. We think Anna just wants a home where she can grumble through the window at the birds and squirrels who are having unnecessary fun outside and then take lots of naps. She wants someone who will adore her just the way she is. That’s basically what we all want, right?! Call and schedule a time to meet Anna and take her home in time to give her some love on Valentine’s Day.
Rita 28080
Rita is ready for love this Valentine’s Day! Rita is around four years old and looks like a terrier/retriever mix. Rita wasn’t the most social girl when she came to the shelter, but some love and training from staff and volunteers has shown her that humans can be trustworthy and even fun! She can be cautious when meeting new people, but she is very loyal and playful once she is comfortable. Rita is socially awkward and quirky, which makes us love her all the more. Rita needs an adopter who will keep working with her to show her the good in the world. If you think you could be her true love, make your appointment to see her today.
Rita Dog 2Rita Dog
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