Wet Nose Wednesday

Mo 29500
If you’re looking for a spunky, playful, and outgoing dog to be your new pal, Mo is perfect for you. Mo is a sweet Feist mix and is only about 35 pounds and around a year old. She’s full of energy, so she would do really well with someone who enjoys being active. Mo has a blast in playgroups with the other dogs and would probably like having some canine friends, but she may do best in a home as the “only” dog. With Mo as your companion, life will never be boring. Come meet her today at the Humane Educational Society.
Socks 27373
Socks is a very pretty 4-year-old orange and white tabby. She has wonderfully soft fur, yellow-green eyes, and the cutest white whiskers. Socks tends to be a shy girl most of the time, but she does enjoy being petted. Socks is not the kind of cat who wants to sit in your lap or be held. She is more the kind of cat who just likes to be around you, just enjoying some quiet companionship. If Socks sounds like your kind of cat, come check her out today!
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