Wet Nose Wednesday

Chicken Little 6477
Chicken Little is a shy 6-year-old. He’s the kind of cat who enjoys affection when he asks for it but likes to have his space at other times. He has lived with older children and another cat and did well with them, but was not a fan of being in the roaming room with lots of other cats. We guess you could call him a bit of a kitty introvert. He’s ready to go home today, so make your appointment to come adopt him!
Chicken Little 2 Chicken Little
Carter 39375
Carter is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. We don’t what makes her happiest – being with the volunteers and staff who adore her, meeting new people, going for walks, or coming out to playgroups with her canine pals. The smile on her face whenever she is excited is priceless! Carter is around six years old, but she has the energy and spunk of a pup. Carter is ready and waiting to meet you, so come meet her today!
Carter Carter2
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