Wet Nose Wednesday

Badger 29803
When Badger first came to the shelter, he was a little shy. While he is still timid at times, he has really come out of his shell. When you open the door to his kennel, he comes up to greet you. If you pet him a bit, he will bump your hand with his head, demanding more attention. He may not be a big fan of being carried around, but he will let you pick him up and cuddle a bit. Once he is comfortable in his forever home, he may turn out to be quite the snuggler. Badger came in with another kitty, Spooks, and they wouldn’t mind going home together, if you have room for two. Both cats are FIV+, so they can only have kitty companions who are also FIV+.
Badger Badger2
Daisy 29714
Daisy is a sweet 5-year-old Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. Though she looks quite serious in her photos, she actually quite enjoys having fun! Daisy is always super excited when it is time to go for her daily walks. She wiggles and wags and just can’t wait to get going. Daisy does get along with other dogs that are easy-going, but she seems to prefer the company of humans. She often wants to snuggle up with the volunteers instead of playing with toys. If you would like to adopt a mellow dog who will keep you company without being too demanding, Daisy may just be the one for you!
Daisy Daisy2
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